Welcome to our parrot rescue sanctuary. We are 501(c)(3) avicultural and veterinary affiliated parrot welfare organization licensed by the state of Indiana as a Charitable Organization.

Our Rescue Sanctuary
Safe Haven Parrot Sanctuary is located in beautiful Southeastern Indiana, on 10 park like acres. We currently house over 100 rescued parrots of all shapes and sizes, in a climate controlled building, providing the best temperatures for parrots year around.

While the larger rescue parrots are kept in individual spacious cages, it is one of our many goals to someday provide indoor and outdoor flights.

Smaller birds such as finches, parakeets, and cockatiels are kept in large flight cages. Males and females are separated, and no nest boxes, or nesting material is provided.

The larger parrots enjoy hours of out of cage play time daily. Playstands and ceiling boings are provided for extra fun. All parrots have a variety of interesting toys inside their cages and receive daily interaction and socialization.

We feed the parrots a healthy varied diet of vegetables, fruit, pellets, and a small amount of seed. We have a garden every year and all vegetables are grown organically. Health care is provided by an Avian Veterinary Clinic.

We do not breed, sell, trade, or make a profit of any kind from our rescued parrots. We do not adopt out any parrots. We are unable to accept any more parrots at this time. We are at full capacity. However, you may contact us if you need help advice relating to parrot care wish to volunteer or make a donation.

We encourage people to visit our parrot rescue sanctuary by appointment only. Our facility is a closed aviary, and not open to the public. References are available upon request.

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